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Monthly Archives: May 2013

I’m very pleased to offer my first class, Camera Fundamentals. In it, I will cover everything you need to know to take full advantage of your camera: how the manual controls work, what they do, what effect they have. It will also include an explanation of the various specs on your camera that you may not have understood before: focal length, sensor size, ISO, and so on. Take your own camera use beyond point-and-shoot, and take control of your photos.

Details can be found on the Classes page. At only $40 for a two-hour class, this is a stunningly good deal, and later classes will cost more. Email me via ian at dangerpants dot com to inquire about getting a place, and jump-starting your photography skills!


One of the interesting challenges of this whole photography wheeze is showing off your best work. I have dozens of photos I would consider showcase worthy, and really, the hardest part is locating them. Although my photos are well organized, they were never organized with “showcase” in mind.

Still, it’s very interesting to go through the history of what I’ve shot, and to discover just how many awesome photos I have. Finding one will spark a memory of another, and it’s another hunt through the directories to find the appropriate file. It’s definitely a hunt, though: I’ve rolled the shot counter on my 7D at least three times, putting me at somewhere north of 30,000 images just from that camera. Other cameras probably combine for another 10,000 shots, or so.

So, I will say that I’ve started the process of gathering showcase photos. There are certainly more to come. I’ve also only just begun discovering the best way to display them. For the moment, it’s just the gallery linked above. My galleries are certainly functional, but they’re really not up to the standard I want to hold for Dangerpants Photography, so I’m also hunting for a more graceful method of showing off my work.