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Dangerpants Photography is the photography business of Laura Johnston.  Laura has been shooting pictures and studying photography since she was a young child, having gotten her first camera (a Kodak 110 camera, with detachable disposable 8-shot flash!) at age 6.  Early photographs included “Blurry Cat” and “The Sky, I Think?” and “Unidentifiable Blobs.”  She moved on to be a photographer for the high school newspaper, with lots of darkroom time.  She is largely self-trained, having studied the books of Ansel Adams, Leslie Stroebel and a huge number of photographs in all media.

Laura’s photography has gained polish through her work with Annex Theatre, producing marketing photos, production photos, event photos, headshots, and special effects stills.  The idea to form a photography business came out of numerous requests for headshots, immediately followed by the question, “What do you charge?”  Laura’s skills also run to landscapes, wedding photography, outdoor portraiture, creative lighting, post-production photo editing and correction, and 5×7 film photography using her great-grandfather’s camera.

Dangerpants Photography is available to serve a variety of photographic needs, including but not limited to headshots, event photography (including weddings), creative photography, and photo finishing.

Dangerpants Photography is based in Seattle, WA.