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I’ve been taking pictures for literally zillions* of years now, and I decided it’s finally time to take the next step, and start charging lots of money offering my services to the community. If you’ve been paying any attention to theater reviews around town (obviously you’ve been reading them all ceaselessly), you’ve certainly seen my work through Annex Theatre, which is where I’ve really honed my skills over the last few years.

If you’re interested in getting some pictures taken, ping me on email (ian {at} dangerpants {dot} com), contact me/like my page on Facebook (all hail the almighty, all-powerful Facebook!), or you can try your luck at summoning me telepathically, not unlike Aquaman and the dolphins. Note that until August, 2013, I’m offering a headshot package for $150 — check it out on the Services page. That’s a lotta photographic awesomeness for $150!

* Note: zillions has not been strictly defined, so this is a true statement.